One of us is not as great as all of us.

Find your tribe

You’re already connected to many on social media, in the community, and at the office—but are you really connecting?

This year, we’re adding more support where we all need it most—human connections.

Announcing: Tribes

We’re creating communities of women to form Tribes. Your tribal members will be there to deepen connections and develop a community focused on supporting professional women’s endeavors in professional and personal lives.

Build Your Tribe in an atmosphere that encourages all to show up generously in the world, allows all to take risks and try something new. Tribes are there when what we are doing is hard, feels uncertain, and has not yet shown results—micro communities that inspire and empower women to pursue leadership and career growth.

The Details


  • A Tribe will meet once a month.
  • Based on interest, there may be more than one Tribal group meeting in any given month.
  • Each Tribe will have no more than 8 participants to encourage interaction.
  • Tribal Groups sign-ups will be sent out several weeks in advance of the meeting(s).
  • You must be a member of WMN to participate in a Tribal group meeting.

Interested in leading a Tribe? Here’s what it takes. 

  • You are not required to lead more than one Tribal meeting per year.
  • You may need to provide prework for a Tribal meeting.
  • You will be responsible for printing and providing a sign-in form as well as collecting signatures.

Ready to Get Started?

Fill out the interest form and we’ll be in touch soon!